Design Philosophy

As a product designer, I learned to stop “thinking outside the box” and start thinking inside of it.

The truth is that we need the boxes of life. Great products are created when we understand our limitations and constraints.

  • We can focus on squeezing out every possible possibility.
  • We can manage the delicate balance between user needs, business needs, and development capabilities.
  • We can zoom in on the smaller details and not get lost in a sea of variants and data.



Sr. UX/UI Designer at, Washington, DC (Nov 2020 — Current)

Product Designer at InCharged, Baltimore, MD (Mar 2019 – Jun 2020)

Sr. Graphic Designer at Wrap Mogul, New Brunswick, NJ (Jun 2018 – Mar 2019)

Graphic Designer at Whole Foods Market at Newark, NJ (Dec 2017 – Jun 2018)

Social Media Content Creator at Chavez for Charity at Montclair, NJ (Dec 2014 – Nov 2017)



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