Yasmin De Jesus after completing Stronger Together Mural in Newark,NJ


Yasmin De Jesus was born and raised in one of Newark, NJ’s low-income Housing Projects for disadvantaged families. Her mother, an immigrant woman with little education and opportunity, struggled to keep the family afloat. While most adolescents were learning how to ride a bike, Yasmin had to learn how to survive. For year's she was surrounded by poverty and violence with little hope of a way out. It was her acceptance letter to Arts High School that opened the door to a new life. It didn't take long for art and design to become her passion. In her final years of High School, she worked on her first Mural with Newark Legend, Gladys Grauer. Twelve years and more than a dozen murals later she is still using her talent to inspire hope and bring beauty to the community around her. Her Murals continue to speak on the importance of diversity, activism, and education.


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Meet Yasmin De Jesus

The artist creating the 50th Anniversary Mural


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